Message from the Headteacher

ICT and Coding Clubs



All of our clubs are very popular none more so than the Computer clubs. At present we run three computer clubs and one coding club all of which are well attended.

Our clubs produce posters, bunting and information for all of our charity events in school and we have competitions (with prizes!) to produce the best booklets for concerts and events. The Purple Mash, Pivot Stick, Big Bus, Skoolbo and Sumdog websites are very popular and  we are expanding our expertise with the new Computing curriculum using our Beebots, Probots and the Kodu, and Scratch websites.

We have recently purchased two Raspberry Pi kits plus in addition to all this we have some additional help in the form of 'Doctor Code' - one of our parents who is a Doctor of Computer Science! is helping us to better understand code and use the Microbits that we have recently purchased. We are very grateful to Doctor Code.

This is the start of our journey, using the Microbits website to learn the correct way to code.

Here are some photos of the information we offer to parents and children at parents evening about online safety.

We are very proud of our Computer Suite, this is a small selection of some of the work we have been doing so far this year.