Message from the Headteacher

Sewing Club

Sewing Club started in May 2015 with Mrs. Garrety sharing her sewing skills with the children. The club is after school on Mondays with a super group from Year 2.
Mrs. Garrety says, " I am amazed at how quickly the children have learned a new skill. They all show a 'Can do' attitude and are producing some fantastic work. After only two weeks they have finished and taken home their lovely felt wallets."
Miss Galloway has stayed to help and Mrs. Garrety thinks she has secretly enjoyed learning to sew too.
The children are really proud of their work. Hopefully the club will run again in September.

At the end of sewing club July 2015, the children had this to say:


Amy “I’ve enjoyed the things we have made together. Mrs. G. is really helpful.”

 Joachim “I really enjoyed it and I liked the way I didn’t rush and took my time. Mrs G. is really kind and helps us.”

 Khiara “I liked making a teddy bear.”

 Rowan “I enjoyed all the weeks we did sewing club. Mrs.G. is really helpful and kindful” (nice new word Rowan)

 Sarah “I’ve joined sewing club so you get to make loads of things. Miss. Galloway has been kind and helping us.”

 Sam “I so love it I don’t want to leave.”

 Toby “I like sewing because it has improved my skills. Mrs.G. and Miss. Galloway have been really helpful when we were stuck.”

 Autumn-Jade took her doll to finish at home as she left early.


Mrs.Garrety is proud of the children’s efforts in sewing club. She will really miss Miss. Galloway’s help next year!