Message from the Headteacher


Meltham Moor Primary School PTA

(Parent Teacher Association)

What is the PTA?

Meltham Moor Primary School PTA is, like many school PTAs, set up to benefit the children of the school. The PTA fundraises to pay for equipment and other resources that support the school’s efforts both within and outside the curriculum. 

The PTA is a registered charity (Charity number 1118630) and is also a member of the PTA-UK.

What does it do?

The PTA supports the school by organising a variety of events such as the school’s Autumn Fair, running a school disco once a term and supporting activities such as sports day, Christmas concerts. We aim to fund activities that all children in the school will benefit from.  The fundraising efforts in the past have paid for:

  • The projector and screen in the hall for use in assemblies.
  • Outdoor provision for children in Foundation Stage.
  • Provision of money to support “hook” activities for each class in school, linked to their topics e.g. Roman visitor, Bread workshops.
  • Purchase of book bags for every new starter in school.
  • Playground equipment.
  • Year 6 - books, breakfast, annual post SAT's trip. 
  • Ongoing projects include outside woodland area improvements.
  • Gardening club - reformed.



  • Currently the officers of the committee are:


  • Richard Crankshaw – Chairperson
  • G Broughton – Vice Chairperson
  • Claire Pratt – Treasurer
  • K Hyde - Secretary
  • Aga Chandler - Minutes Secretary
  • Helen Whitely - Fundraising Officer
  • From the staff , Mrs Woodfield, Mrs Kath Heppenstall and Miss Katherine Manuel are involved directly with meetings, and all staff give fantastic support to all PTA events.


  • The PTA meets at least twice a term. We try to hold some meetings later in the evening, so that parents who work full time can attend. The meetings usually last for about an hour. We understand that lots of parents work and are not able to get to meetings, but would still like to support the work of the PTA in some way. If this is the case, please leave a message with the school office and we will get in touch.
  • We also send out letters asking for help for specific events e.g. the Annual Fair. All help is gratefully received! You can leave your contact details with the school office and someone will be in touch.
  • You can keep up to date with PTA activities/ announcements in the school's fortnightly newsletter. 
  • You can also email us on with any questions, queries or offers of help.
  • New members are always welcome.



Winter Newsletter from PTA

Forthcoming Events


Disco's Thursday 27th February

Spring Fair - Friday 27th March 15.30 until 17.0 

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