Message from the Headteacher

In Reception this half term we are learning about 'Growing and Changing'!

We have visited Cannon Hall Farm and saw all the animals including lambs and calves!

We fed the animals, watched a sheep race, and even learnt all about how the cow is milked. We all had a lovely time.

Our visit to the farm started off our topic of ‘Growing and Changing’. We have some visitors in class, some tiny caterpillars! We will be watching them grow and change into butterflies and will be learning about lifecycles.

We will also be planting beans and hoping for a magical beanstalk to grow! We will be looking at the books, ‘My Bean Diary’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.



 In Reception this half term we are learning about 'Superheroes'! We have been working hard on our writing, especially in our Superhero HQ! We looked at the books, 'Supertato', 'Super Daisy' and 'Superworm'. We practised going 'under, over and through' the lasers outside. Ask us all about the 'evil pea!'



We have been learning numbers and letters. We have been working very hard on writing letters. We have our own books to take home and read with our parents/carers. We learned about senses and how they work. We tried different fruit and talked about what it tasted like. Also this half-term we have been learning about ‘Ourselves’. We talked about our bodies and how they worked. We loved looking at skeletons and making skeletons with art straws. We made self-portraits using black pen. We also made biscuits with our faces on!