Message from the Headteacher

School Council 2019/2020

These are our School Council Rules


In school council we agree on the following rules.

  1. To value and respect each other.
  2. Listen to who is talking.
  3. To come to the meetings on time.
  4. Be sensible and committed.
  5. Work hard and to benefit the whole school.


Our School Council

We work together to try to make our school a better place to be and represent the thoughts and feelings of our classes.

We aim to:

  1. Support school activities and events.
  2. Make learning more exciting.
  3. Set a good example to others.
  4. Help people to get along.
  5. Represent the views of our classes.
  6. Make our school a better place to be.
  7. Have fun!


Our school council has two members from each class as representatives. 

Our school council minutes