Message from the Headteacher

Stuart Price



I have been a parent governor for around 12 months now, my daughter is in year four at present and she enjoys her time at school very much, I have seen real positive progress, year on year.

As a team of governors we all have a responsibility to hold the head and teaching staff to account. Individually we have responsibilities for specific duties within the school. My responsibility is for pupil premium children and in that role I have to ensure that the funding, supplied by the government to help the kids which need it most, is used for the best possible benefit of those children.

I have also recently become chair of the school resources committee which oversees the financial spending of the school.

I work full time for a chemical manufacturer near Manchester so like most parents the time I spend in school is limited to sharing of work days, assemblys and school shows. When I do attend the school I am always impressed by the positive attitude and behaviour of the children. I wish some of my work colleagues could be as enthusiastic and show the positive behaviours I see from the children.

As a continuous improvement manager my role focuses on optimising the processes and the people to make the company as efficient and effective as it can be. My wife works in primary education so I get to hear about the problems schools have in the present financial climate with cuts to funding, provision and resources for the children. I hope I can bring the skills and knowledge I have to the fore to help the school improve and be more efficient in all they do.