Message from the Headteacher

Ofsted Report

Ofsted Inspection


The school was last inspected in June 2007. The following were the headlines:


  • The school was ‘outstanding’ in all key areas of the inspection
  • Pupils are proud to attend the school and genuinely appreciate the exceptional care and dedication shown by all staff
  • Pupils in Year 1 to 6 make outstanding progress and their achievement has been consistently high for several years
  • The quality of teaching and learning is excellent
  • Positive relationships are a strength and pupils are enthusiastic, happy and motivated learners
  • The school is exceptionally well led and managed
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding, with the development of social skills being a major strength of the school
  • The curriculum is first-rate and includes many opportunities for pupils to practice the key skills of numeracy and literacy across a wide range of subjects.
  • The school cares exceptionally well for it’s pupils, both in promoting their academic skills and in supporting their personal and social development
  • Sport, Music and ICT are strengths of the school


The school had a one day subject inspection in Design Technology in October 2008. The following were the main points:


  • The overall effectiveness of D & T was judged to be good with outstanding features
  • Achievement is good and standards are above average
  • D & T teaching is lively, creative and teachers are enthusiastic supporters of the subject
  • Subject knowledge of staff is very good
  • An outstanding feature is the excellent level of individual support
  • The coverage and reinforcement of technical vocabulary and subject knowledge across the year groups is a strength
  • Leadership and management of the subject are good with outstanding features
  • Accurate D & T self-evaluation is an outstanding feature
  • A strong team ethos supports learning in D & T
  • Children with learning difficulties make equally good progress in D & T, as do boys and girls


In July 2010, Ofsted reported that the school had maintained it’s outstanding status and that future inspection would be deferred until September 2011 at the earliest.


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