Message from the Headteacher

Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Under construction - lots more information coming in the New year. 

As a parent or carer of a child who attends Meltham Moor please help us develop our new PSHE policy by answering the questions below. You can send your answers to us via the school e-mail on or by sending a letter into school via your child or by contacting Mrs Heppenstall via school Dojo. These questions, along with the text below, are also on our December 4th News Letter.  Click the links above if you would like to know more.

You may have heard/ know that there is some new guidance from the DfE on Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE).  You can find out more this on our school website where I have created a new page Relationships, Sex and Health Education and it is linked to our PSHE curriculum which is also new to the website (and still under construction).  Next term, as a staff, we will be revising and developing a new RSHE policy.  It is hoped that parents and carers will be involved in helping with the process.  To get things started I would like to ask you a couple of questions.  Your responses are really valuable to our school and to can send them to me on the school e-mail, by letter via your child’s class or send your answers in a message to me via class Dojo. There will also be an opportunity for parents and carers to be part of the development group so, please let me know if you would be interested in being part of this discussion.

Q1.  How could the school help you to understand more about our PSHE education curriculum?

Please indicate which of the answers below are important to you:

I would like:

  • More information about the new guidance
  • More information about the content of the curriculum (what my child will learn) at this school
  • A chance to talk to my child’s class teacher about the lessons
  • To look at some of the activities or resources used
  • To join a discussion group


Q2.  How would you like the school to reflect your family (including your faith and/or values) in our teaching?

Please indicate which of the answers below are important to you:

I would like school to:

  • Talk about the different types of families (not all families are the same)
  • Explain that religions have different views about relationships and family life
  • Make sure that children learn about the importance of equality and respect for difference


Are there any beliefs or practices relevant to relationships and sex education that are important to your belief/culture/faith that we might not be aware of?

Thank you very much for reading this and I would really appreciate your responses to the questions above along with any other questions you may have.


Catherine Heppenstall

PSHE Co-ordinator.